About Us


As a dancer and teacher I have learned over the years that there are common traits that we all strive to attain to be better humans. As I thought about all of the modalities that I have used over the years to move through life with greater ease, I realized that curating a collection of them could benefit others while fulfilling a greater purpose of mine.

During the Covid shutdown, I teamed up with my husband, who is also an artist, to create the Radiant Transformation card set. Inspired by the Flower of Life symbol, sacred geometry and crystal grids, he conceived and created abstract geometric patterns that could also be used with stones to amplify your desired trait. During the shut in, we spent many hours researching, talking, laughing and getting to the essence of each these traits.

We wanted to create an interactive card set that was different than others. Cards in which each card was unique, offered ideas, and helped others. A set that is a cross over between oracle cards, affirmation cards, new age recipe cards and self empowerment decks. A card set that didn't fit into a category that already existed. Thus, Radiant Transformation was born.